Connective tissue disorder

Connective tissue disorders encompass a large and diverse group of health conditions that can damage the connective tissues in every part of your body.

As recognized specialists in connective tissue disorders, including Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and Mast Cell activation disease/syndrome, Anne Maitland MD, Ph.D. and Isabelle Brock, MD, at 3 Pillars Therapeutics, offer compassionate and individualized care that supports your overall health with treatments targeting your body, mind, and spirit.

"Practice [of medicine] is science touched with emotion."

Confessio MediciStephen Paget, 1909

Dating back to Sumerian times, 7000 years ago, healing was performed by the partnership of the priest and the potion. Then the priest was the more effective of these partners. Now, with the privilege of science, the potion has become the power, and the priest has withered to the writer of prescriptions or the performer of a process, mostly surgery. The duality of the roles of the therapist and the therapy have reversed to the detriment of the therapist.

Human nature, however, has not changed, and the need for that priestly power persists. The medical profession has not grasped this and looks only for a diagnosis to match a treatment, as in a bingo hall. The diagnosis is often the easiest and most superficial of the life problems that come to you for help. The abdominal pain or acute asthma in the suicidal patient is an accidental finding for the true healer, but the underlying condition is unlikely to be recognized in a busy walk-in clinic.