At 3 Pillars Therapeutics, we take an integrated and collaborative approach to your medical odyssey, by working with you and your local medical team.


We focus our efforts on understanding the moment to moment activities of the three systems, found throughout our bodies: the connective tissue, which houses components of the immune and the autonomic nervous systems.


The 3 Pillars Therapeutics team offers telehealth/video consultations, to review your medical history, interpret previously obtained results, and recommend next steps in your evaluation.

The 3 Pillars Therapeutics team has expertise in the diagnosis of mast cell activation disorders, connective tissue disorders, and autonomic dysfunction.

We strive to build a new set of steps to better health, to patients and their families, seeking better answers to their health questions.

“If you cannot connect the issues, think connective tissue.”

Heidi Collins, MD, Ehlers Danlos Society lecture, 2015

Anne Maitland, MD, PhD, an immunologist, and author, works with Isabelle Brock, MD, a clinical researcher for the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, which often travel with these connective tissue disorders. 

Through telehealth appointments, our team provides a new approach to care for patients of all ages.

How does it work?

“Listen to your patient, and she/he will tell you the diagnosis.”

– William Osler

 It can be very challenging to find an expert where you live, so we want to help you on your journey back to health, through telehealth consultations. 

During the initial 90 minute consultation, we review your medical history, take a step back and look at laboratory test results and previous consultations, ask a different set of questions, and recommend next steps in your evaluation. 

For ongoing care and prescriptions, one must undergo a medical evaluation in our office in New York.

Our providers

Although a New York based telehealth practice, we offer consultation services to patients and their practitioners all over the country.

Anne Maitland, MD, PhD

Isabelle Brock, MD